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Alicia: "Take this next one with Ventura again. You have to do the sexism attack you rightly railed against, or else it'll look like outsiders meddling."
Hicks: "That is what it is, though. That is what is happening."
Alicia: "Please? I am very pretty."

(All rise.)

Hicks: "So you're saying there was no transmission delay."
Ventura: "Yes, in this case. In this case, there was none, and Staff Sergeant Elkins simply overreacted and ignored the order."
Hicks: "So is that why you started an online petition in the spring opposing the integration of females into the submarine force? Because females can't take orders?"
Ventura: "Sure, I'm a sexist dick in a lot of ways. But I probably have a fairly sensible-sounding reason for that, and anyway it's not relevant here."
Hicks: "And the only problem you've ever had with an NCO, she was a lady also? You had her transferred out of your area last year?"
Ventura: "She was being disruptive during our shifts. My CO replaced her on my recommendation. But again, this is cross and I'll never explain that more fully, so it comes off looking really bad."
Hicks: "As was my intent. Anyway, so now you work with a guy again?"
Ventura: "Yes. And he is manly as fuck."
Hicks: "No further questions."


Jackie tries, and fails, to get the door open. Suddenly, Alicia appears in the doorway, grinning like Wendy Scott-Carr.

Alicia: "Helloooooo."
Jackie: "My key seems to be sticking..."
Alicia: "Yeah, I know."
Jackie: "Explain to me why you changed the locks, young lady."
Alicia: "Yeah, it's because I don't want you in here anymore. Boom."

Jackie: "You don't want me picking up the kids?"
Alicia: "Not especially, but I haven't figured that part out yet. I can't control what Peter needs from you..."
Jackie: "-- You need me too, Alicia..."
Alicia: "-- Ahem. But I can control my home. I don't want you in here, Jackie. I don't want you going through my things. I don't want you in my computer."
The Jig: She is up.

Jackie: "You're hurting your children!"
Alicia: "Not sure how you got there, but whatever. That's between me and them anyway, and I would never take your word for it."
Jackie, losing it: "They're not safe with you!"
Alicia, chuckling: "Go ahead, Jackie! Reach into that bag of tricks. What do you have that could hurt me?"

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