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Jackie: "Zach is dating Eli Gold's daughter! A Jewess!"
Alicia, nastily: "Oh my gosh, that's terrible!"
Jackie: "They were in your bedroom!"
Alicia: "Bullshit. What else you got?"

Jackie: "Grace goes into her bedroom with her tutor! And locks the door!"
Alicia: "Grace's door doesn't even have a lock, you crazy old bat."
Jackie: "Um, she pushes the chair against it! They do lesbian autism drugs in there!"

Alicia: "Look at me, Jackie. Look at my face. You no longer have the power to wound."
Jackie, trying anyway: "They're your children! You need to be their mother!"
Alicia, smiling sweetly: "Good night, Jackie."

I don't think there's any amount of lacking compassion in there either. It's got to be scary to be so old and left behind and think that everything is so scary all the time. She worries, worries, about her son. So much. And her grandchildren. And she knows something fishy is going on with Alicia. All those things are true. It's sad that their relationship is set up that Jackie can only attack her, instead of talking to her, but Jackie made that rule for herself a long time ago and -- now that Alicia has broken the golden rule, the Good Wife rule that says you overlook everything because men are more important than women -- she's become a threat. To the world, as Jackie understands it.

Alicia is the call coming from inside the house, in a lot of ways that are so deep-set in Jackie's psyche that they color everything she says and does and thinks. Her obsession with Peter has always been half about being his mother and half about him being the only man in her life; without a man, a Good Wife has no meaning, and now that he's out of the house the only thing Jackie knows how to attack is Alicia, through the children. Not to break something, but to make something right again. To save the world. Mission creep; motherhood gone septic. For Jackie, the easy answer she was taught was simple: Men.

And the saddest part of all is that you couldn't explain it to her, using any words at all, because these are universal truths about women and men that form the foundation of her, and her generation's, understanding of the world. Try to explain "red" to a dog and see how fast he gets bored; tell the fish about "water" and they'd act just like this: Like it's Alicia that's a traitor to her gender.

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