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I Am Not The Cheese

In war, if you stand on decorum they will tear you apart. For Alicia at least, for a lot of us, without decorum you fall apart. But it's also true that decorum and right action, together, can always guide you eventually to a third way, in the real world at least:

Alicia: "Hey, Zach? Get your coat. Let's buy you a car. Boom."


Cheese fires Eli, and thus ends the great Cheese Lobby story of our times. He is crestfallen. Not just because of Cheese -- which will wreck L/G's quarter at the worst possible time, of course; it's like $5M between the firm and his own concern -- but because he didn't get the lady.

Eli, whining: "I need something to drink..."
Diane: "Well, don't get morose. Win them back."
Eli: "[More whining.]."
Diane: "Do men really have that much success in their life that the first setback that comes along, they get all weepy?"
A: Yes.
Eli: "I'm not weepy, I'm... Tired. It's hard doing this. I don't sleep at night. I stare at the clock, I think about nothing else. And it's not productive time, it's stare-at-the-clock time."
Diane: "Well, why not just give up and eat some worms, you big baby."
Eli: "Can I just have a minute to feel bad for myself?"
Diane: "...Actually, yes. I had a pretty awful day too, thanks to Will's stupid dick."

Eli: "I don't like losing. I'm always looking for when things start to turn south. What if it's now?"
Diane, calling an audible: "Eli. We're gonna wallow for a few hours now. We'll drink. I'll put you in a cab. You will sleep it off. You won't feel good in the morning. You will come in late, but you will come in. We'll sit, we'll talk. You've been lording it over us up until now..."
Eli: "-- I have not..."
Diane: "Yes you have. Don't argue. You are brilliant, but you're not God's gift. We'll sit and talk. We'll hatch a plan. And Stacie Hall is going to rue the day. And that's a fact. But for the moment?"

They clink. They wallow. Will has no idea what he's in for. Also it is amazing. Diane is the best, when she's not being the worst. Which, to be fair, is rarely. But in all the storylines this week, I think there's another interesting thing Diane is doing, having to do with mission creep. You don't get personal. You don't start thinking you are the Cheese, because inevitably somebody is going to move your cheese, and you must remember that it isn't you.

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