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L/G: "Gina, how is it going?"
Elkins: "It is going so bad."
L/G: "Can you answer some questions about what happened?"
Elkins: "Not too well. I am acting very cagey and guilty."
Hicks: "See the bullshit I been dealing with?"

Elkins explains how drones work and all that.

L/G: "Your commanding officer accuses you of inaccurate and unprofessional reporting as to the presence of 12 unarmed civilians, resulting in their deaths."
Elkins: "Accurate."
L/G: "It's accurate that that happened?"
Elkins: "No, it's accurate as to the charge."
L/G: "So what happened? And can you sit down?"

No. So the defense is that there are occasional delays in the transmission of text alerts and sensor relays and she says she received the information too late, sir. Hicks clarifies that the transmission was logged as on time, because it indicates the time it was sent but not the time it arrived. Huh. So she says her pilot, the person operating the drone on her instructions, also saw the delay in the transmission. That's Lieutenant Ventura, a charming fellow we'll meet later.

Outside, they talk about how she looks about fifteen and she's terrified. Alicia, of course, is like, Soldiers kill people all day long, surely there has been collateral damage from a drone before, why are they on her about this one tiny thing of twelve dead people.

Hicks: "I have no answer for that."


Kalinda and Eli figure out how Stacie Hall, Amy Sedaris, is the Fruit lobbyist and doesn't work for the USDA secretary at all like she was pretending, and that they're not going back to the Pyramid at all like she was pretending, and this whole thing was a feint at Dairy, so now Eli has to get one-on-one with Stacie Hall and start the whole game over. I sure hope he gets weird and personal about it! (He totally will.)


Dana calls Kalinda for some midday flirtation and not being a lesbian, and then asks for a meeting with Diane. They both still think that this is a formality because the investigation is over, so they can end on a sexy note.

Cary: "Hey, the investigation isn't over at all. The special prosecutor is coming in and she is scary as shit. Call your girlfriend and tell her that we are coming for her."
Dana: "I just told her the opposite thing. We are never going to have sex at this rate."

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