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Will, sighing: "Are there any other judges in the military?"
Kuhn: "Fuck was that?"
Will: "I was just wondering if there were any other judges in the military."
Kuhn: "I know what you mean, but I'm going to slap your face anyway."
Will, whispering: "Alicia, you should talk. She hates my ass."
Kuhn: "And that? What are you whispering about now?"
Will: "I just said Alicia, you should talk because she hates my ass."
Kuhn: "True enough. Prosecutor, you are cool with civilians on the defense team?"
Moyer: "Um, yeah we are."

Will and Alicia immediately ask to get the pilot, Ventura, to come testify. But uh oh, because the prosecution already has him there to testify for them. If Ventura were going to corroborate Elkins's story about the transmission delays, that would not be true: Moyer would object, knowing Kuhn would back him up, and it would become about that. But no, he's hostile for some reason to their defense, which means they can't just open-and-shut this thing, which means they have to make it about something else. Set up a reasonable-doubt defense, tell another pretend story about how what happened, point them in the direction of somebody else that may never be prosecuted, make this a global sexism story, make this an IT problem, make this about somebody beating his wife. All the legal defense tricks they can figure; anything but whether or not she did it.

Mission creep.


Wendy Scott-Carr: "What's important is that we keep our hands clean every step of the way. First, we look at Will's theft and bribery, and his connection to the Lifeguard Baxter."
Cary: "None of which we actually need to get Lemond Bish... Wait. So now it's suddenly about Illinois RICO and bad firms and corporate corruption and L/G? Isn't that mission creep?"
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Being a creep is my mission. I am Weaponized Alicia. Totally polite, totally brilliant, willing to use every trick and look you in the eye while I slip the blade in. One day Alicia will turn into me, and that will be the day she loses everything, because she can't handle what I can handle. Until then, I am willing to give everybody cancer and then leak it to the press."

Dana: "I have a friend! I have a source at L/G! We wear the same clothes sometimes!"
Cary: "Oy with this."

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