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The Farmer And The Dull
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Previously on I Just Consumed 42 Pounds Of Chocolate...Does My Ankle Look Fat To You?: Yaxha managed to win the mummification reward challenge, but when it came to the puzzle-assembling immunity challenge, they were outmaneuvered and sent back to tribal council. It seemed briefly as though Amy might rally the troops reluctantly to oust Bobby Jon, but her giant ankle and her position on the bad end of the internal Yaxha math sent her packing. When her torch had been snuffed, the remainder of The Little Tribe That Kind Of Couldn't got the news from Jeff that it was time to merge, so they were given new buffs to distribute and sent to live at Camp Nakum. So now, everybody is part of one big tribe. More opportunities for brawling; more opportunities for hating; more opportunities for righteous indignation. Woo! Who will go home next?

Credits. I love how the pictures of Armless Jim are right before the picture of Cindy's ass. Like, "Remember when Jim was around? How everybody still had body fat? Good times."

Night vision. Howlie is doing his best Darth Vader impression, breathing in and out. ("Luuuuke. I am your great-great-great-graaaandfather. How's that for intelligent desiiiiign?") We see, on Night 18 at Camp Nakum, a shirt hanging over a tree branch. No, no, Jamie and Lydia, it's supposed to be a sock on the doorknob. A snake weasels its way down a set of ancient steps. You know how crazy the snakes can get when they start playing Slinky. We see someone sleeping, all headwrapped up, and then we see our little pet mouse, who appears to be sleeping as well. Goodnight moon, goodnight buffoon. Goodnight ancient temple they treat as a spittoon.

As the members of the about-to-be-ex-Yaxha tribe makes their way into camp, we see footage of a crocodile retreating from the shore into the water, which I strongly suspect of being completely apocryphal, but hey, these are the compromises of storytelling. Danni comments quietly to her traveling posse, "Feels really weird walking up this road." Night-vision Danni reminds the camera how, at the end of tribal council, Jeff sent them off to this godforsaken camp, so now they don't know what the hell's going on. The former Yaxha gather for a little talk, and Gary recommends that they act "stupid" when they get there. Yes, Gary: stupid! That's it! Bobby Jon thinks they should just act like they're glad to be there. Gary adds, "We're servants. We're gonna serve 'em." And then they put their hands together for a very quiet team cheer. See, I don't think I would have gone in belly-up like that. I think you go in assuming that all previous deals are now up in the air. You go in like you present an opportunity for anyone at Nakum who wants a better deal to get one. Why go in like you assume you're on the bad end of an inevitable 6-4 arrangement?

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