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A Night At The Opera

Epic Records. Audrina tells Chiara that JB was "making out with the redheaded chick at the bar." She thinks JB thought she had already left. Audrina says that she told JB she was done, and then they dropped him off at his apartment and no one talked to him in the car. JB asked her to come inside, and she refused and told him that she was really, really done. Chiara thinks that it was the straw that broke the Johnny Depp wannabe's back. Audrina says that she needs to see him one more time because the camera crew wasn't allowed in the car to catch this dramatic scene. Or because she wants to "end it for good."

Hillside Villas. JB, of course, drives an El Camino. God, if I had scripted what kind of car he should drive, I couldn't have done better. Anyway, JB pulls up, and he's even got his hair slicked back into a ponytail and looks sort of attractive, although he could stand to shave. Audrina lets him in but doesn't kiss him hello. They make awkward small talk, and finally Audrina says that she feels like she needs to move on. JB claims he didn't kiss the girl at Opera, and he's pissed that other people run up and tattle to Audrina. Audrina says that she saw it, and they argue about it for a while. What Audrina should say is that even if he didn't, the fact that she could so easily believe that he did says something about the state of their relationship. She concludes that it's hopeless, and JB realizes that it's a lost cause and takes off. JB takes off in his El Camino, and Audrina sits on the couch and cries.

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