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There once was a beautiful princess named LC, who lived on the sandy Beach of Laguna. Princess LC had dedicated her heart to a dashing prince named Stephen. But LC's heart was broken when she discovered that Prince Stephen had been enchanted by a glamorous witch named Kristin. LC packed up her things and her broken heart and moved to the nearby Hills of Hollywood. She was immediately transfixed by a wicked sorcerer named Adam DiVello who had disguised himself as the ruler of the kingdom. The sorcerer promised Princess LC access to the entire kingdom in exchange for complete control over her life. Princess LC foolishly accepted the sorcerer's offer and was trapped under his spells for four years.

One day she finally broke free of his shackles and harms, so the sorcerer had to find a new puppet to keep his thrall over the kingdom. He entered into an unholy union with LC's sworn enemy, the witch Kristin, and together they kept their grip on the kingdom as it sunk slowly into the murky waters surrounding it. Tonight, they say, is the final chapter of the sorcerer and the witch's reign of terror over the Hills of Hollywood. And all of us who have been swept up in the sorcerer's powerful incantation can soon rejoice, for we have just have a few more minutes until the spell wears off! But first, we're supposed to care about these asshats, including Ol' Ding Dong the Bitch Is Dead Kristin, who tells us, "And I realized, if I was ever going to find what I want in life, now was the time to start looking..."

Kristin, Lo, ShePratt, and Audrina meet up for lunch. ShePratt muses on the various paths the four of them will be taking now that this fake chapter of their lives is over. Yeah, you know, the one that they worked so hard to pretend wasn't some contrived bizarro world since 2006? That's the one! ShePratt claims she's found her happy place (in the arms of a man, yay modern feminism!). Audrina says she's still looking and, sadly, has never really been in the happy place. She vows to take some time to work on herself for once. She claims it'll be out of Hollywood, but the straight-to-DVD release of Honey listed on her IMDB page begs to differ.

Lo observes that they're all in a quarter-life crisis (though she calls it a "mid-20-life crisis"), and that this is the moment where they're all searching for what they want to become. Kristin agrees heartily, saying things are going too quickly. Oh, can it, Emily Webb Lite. Kristin asks what Lo's plans are, and the only non-hooch of the group giddily admits she's practically bypassed bridal fever and gone straight into baby mode. The girls all squeal at the news. Going completely in the opposite direction, Kristin admits she hasn't spoken to Brody since he ripped her beating heart out and thrust it back in her face. She thinks things may be completely dunzo -- to borrow a phrase -- and says, "I just need a change." Credits.

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