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An Unexpected Friend

Previously: The episode ended like thirty seconds ago. You really need reminding?

Lauren is in class. Who knew she was still going to college? This is the first time they've showed her on campus since Season One, isn't it? The teacher comes in and takes attendance. She calls the name "Stephanie Pratt" and Lauren looks up, startled. But she's not there. But then she walks in late. As a college instructor, that would make me immediately be annoyed by her. Late on the first day? Hell to the naw.

New York City. Whitney arrives at People's Revolution offices and asks for Kelly. The office is about the size of a closet and it's jammed with young women who are all looking stressed out. Kelly is in a separate room and starts yelling at her assistant and asking if Whitney is there yet, and why she's standing out in the hallway, because Kelly is running late. Whitney walks into the office and Kelly basically says, "It's Fashion Week and I have no time to help you, so do this job and do it right. And also, you have to wear black." Damn! Trial by fire. Although it's nice to see someone doing some actual work at their job. I love that Kelly has a spiral-bound book of rules for new employees to read. I would KILL to get my hands on that rulebook, because I am sure it is awesome. Whitney is assigned to work with designers Sass & Bide. Kelly just sort of throws her in there and bails.

Lauren's class. It's a computer class where they're learning how to use the computers for sketching. That's really all that happens.

Heidi and Kimberly are out to lunch. Heidi is bragging about how she has so much more closet space now. Really? I never saw Spencer as a clothes horse. Anyway, Heidi gets a text from Stephanie explaining that Lauren is in her computer class. Meanwhile, Lauren is texting Audrina to tell her the same thing. Meanwhile, the TEACHER is trying to TEACH THE CLASS. Ugh. I might be projecting a little bit here. Anyway, the class ends and apparently Lauren and Stephanie don't talk to each other.

New York City. Whitney assists at the fitting. She offers up some advice when one of the designers is worried that one of the looks is too fashion-forward and not ready-to-wear. Whitney thinks it's fine, and the designer takes her advice, so Whitney is thrilled.

Audrina arrives home and she and Lauren laugh over Stephanie being in her class. Lauren's hair is suddenly like four inches shorter. It looks good, but when did that happen? Anyway, they make a big deal about Stephanie, but seriously, who cares?

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