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Previously: Heidi went to Colorado to get away from Spencer and he turned up like a bad penny. Lauren and Whitney went to Paris, and somehow that awesome job perk made Whitney realize she didn't want to work at Teen Vogue anymore. Lauren learned that Brody got a new girlfriend just about immediately after she left the country.

Lauren and Audrina's Apartment of Too Many Pillows on the Sofa. Lauren returns home and tells Audrina that she's jetlagged and had to work almost all of the time, but admits that she did get to hang out with the band guys. Lauren thinks it was good to get away from L.A. and Brody for a while and realize there are other guys in the world. Then Lauren drops the "bombshell" that Whitney doesn't want to work for Teen Vogue anymore. Audrina raises her eyebrows. Lauren chews the inside of her cheek. Does it bother anyone else that Audrina is named after a character from a VC Andrews novel? Just me, then? Okay.

Teen Vogue. Whitney goes in to see my favorite Hills personage, one Ms. Lisa Love (who is rocking a slightly longer, tendrilly hairstyle and is looking HOT!). Whitney explains that she's looking at her future, and wants to get into styling, and there aren't any opportunities in that area at Teen Vogue. To that end, Whitney got a job offer from Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution, but wants Lisa's blessing before accepting it. Lisa admits that she doesn't have any styling opportunities, and says Whitney should take the opportunity with her blessing. Wow. That like never happens in real life, at least in my experience. But what I want to know is, what happened at the end of the scene? Did they hug? Shake hands? High five? Pound fists? Cry? The scene cut off way too early for my tastes.

Bolthouse. Remember, where Heidi "works"? Hey, they have cubicles now! That must make filming more difficult. Heidi talks to her friend Kimberly about how Spencer hasn't moved his stuff out yet, and how she isn't looking forward to divvying up their stuff. I bet Spencer can have the video games! Those would be a bitch to move, though. Kimberly asks if they're going to see other people, and Heidi says that she doesn't want to, and repeats her mantra about how she just needs space and her life back, and how she gave up everything for Spencer. Kimberly tells her about a similar problem she had in a relationship, and how the guy used it to justify seeing other women. Heidi appears to have missed this potential landmine. Please. Give Spencer up. Who would have him? Besides some other insipid weak-minded social-climbing leech?

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