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Stephanie's Apartment. Spencer is over to get some advice from the She-Pratt. Spencer is annoyed that he has to move, and says he would have never moved in if he knew he would just move out again. So he's basically negating any good times that they had while living together, and focusing on what an annoyance this is to him instead of talking about how it affects his relationship. Spencer plans to move in with Stephanie temporarily, and asks her not to bring Heidi over so he doesn't get accused of stalking her again. Oh, Spencer the Victim. Stephanie is surprised to hear that Spencer is thinking about dating other women. Please. He was thinking about dating other women while he was still with Heidi.

Teen Vogue. Whitney reports to Lauren that Lisa was "surprisingly supportive." Now Whitney is excited for her interview. Lauren thinks it will be weird working there without Whitney, since they got hired together. Whitney is also sad, and makes a sad puppy dog face to illustrate.

Whitney shows up for her interview at People's Revolution. As she waits, she overhears Kelly talking on the phone and bitching someone out. When Kelly shows up, I totally realize where I've seen her before - she was the woman in the first season finale who bitched Lauren out for trying to get extra tickets to Jennifer Nicholson's fashion show. LOVE HER! Anyway, she's a big time fashion PR person, so I really can't believe she's appearing on this show again, although I guess it's good publicity, which is the name of the game. Kelly sits down and launches into an explanation of what her company does. When she explains that most of their styling is done out of their New York office, Whitney's face kind of falls. It sounds like their LA office is more about getting the clothes of the designers they represent to outside stylists to put on celebrities. I should mention that this interview is taking place in the lobby of a warehouse-like building so everyone from the receptionist to all of the other employees can hear and see the whole thing. SCARY! Whitney doesn't do a great job answering the question about her strengths, like hello, interviewing 101. Kelly mentions that Lisa Love gave her a great recommendation and Lisa can be tough to please. And then Kelly hires her on the spot. Whuh? Kelly says that Whitney needs to know that she's making a deal with the devil, because she'll be giving up her life, but she'll get a whole new one. That sounds like exactly the kind of job I would HATE. I like my life, thanks.

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