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Heidi and Spencer go out to some club. Spencer makes a big production out of how he's only drinking water tonight. Spencer spies Brent across the room and Heidi begs him to leave it alone. Spencer ignores her and goes over to Brent to get him to take Heidi back. Brent wonders why there are problems every time Spencer shows up. He also points out that it's not Spencer's job to have this conversation, adding, "It makes me a little uncomfortable, to be honest with you." I don't care if this is real or fake, because it's awesome. Finally, someone is calling Spencer on his crap and Spencer just has to stand there and take it. Brent says he basically never wants to see Spencer's stupid face again. If only we were all so lucky.

Back in New York, Lauren is urging Whitney to go hit on Jay. Meanwhile, Alex is standing with his boys, and sees the whole thing. Whitney tells Jay that she got him a shot and they start flirting about how he's from Australia. Jay urges her to go to the after party, and Whitney says she totally will. She leaves to go check on Lauren. Alex tells some girl standing nearby that he knows he's losing steam with Whitney. Of course, that doesn't inspire him to, you know, talk to her or anything. Whitney tells Lauren the whole story about Jay, and says that she doesn't want to seem too available, but she's really into him. Lauren tells Whitney to just "be forward" since they're only there for one night. Seriously. You're young. You're in New York. What do you have to lose?

Back to stupid Heidi and Spencer. Spencer has confessed what he did, and Heidi is sort of (but not really) pissed. She realizes that she needs to go say something to Brent, and Spencer says that she can't get fired twice. Heidi goes over and spews out a series of apologies. My favorite part is when Brent goes, "Your boyfriend's a nightmare." Heidi's response? "I know." Hee! Brent gets all finger poking and tells Heidi that she needs to be responsible for her actions, and she needs to stop letting Spencer make decisions for her. Brent kind of starts to come across as a jealous boyfriend when he keeps harping on how Heidi needs to cut him out of her life. She begs for a job and Brent says he doesn't know, and it's the last thing on his mind right now. Then they cut to a shot of Spencer, and due to the lighting in the club, he's as blue as a Smurf. Why does he keep signing up for this show when the editors clearly hate him? I guess even negative attention is still attention to an attention whore.

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