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NYC. Whitney and Alex stroll down the street and talk about how she's scared to move to New York, and she would miss her family and friends. Alex claims that she would love the diversity of the city, and the fashion culture. Whitney doesn't think she could handle the rain in the summer. How about the snow in the winter? They arrive at Whitney's hotel and hug goodbye. You can tell Alex is like, "So did I get the booking or what?"

Back in LA, Whitney is telling Lauren about her time in New York, including how Kelly totally set her up with Alex and then ditched her so Whitney had to be alone with him. Whitney admits that it wasn't terrible. Whitney switches to talk about Doug, and Lauren says she hasn't ended it yet, but she's going to. Lauren repeats her mantra of "Don't settle."

Spencer hangs in his apartment and Stephanie arrives. She lets herself in and Spencer acts shitty. She gives him a gift, and he refuses to open it. She begs him --like, have some dignity. Then again, she's on this show so...maybe not so much with the dignity. Spencer finally opens one of the gifts, and it's a book he wanted, so he's sort of happy. Stephanie tries to make small talk, and Spencer just acts like a dick and then basically tells her that they won't be hanging out anymore. Gah.

Lauren goes to Doug's house. Man, doesn't she know you always break up in restaurants? Lauren just blurts out that it's just not working for her. Doug is mad, and seems to feel like Lauren has led him on, because she initiated things by saying that she had a crush on him and he was nothing but nice to her. Doug kind of processes it and by the end of the conversation, he's willing to admit that they're better off as friends. They both kind of go, "Well, we tried, and it was fun." So Lauren leaves, and Doug probably goes to eat a frozen burrito or whatever, since that's how his dad made his trillions of dollars. Not that Lauren needs the money, since her family is rich, too. And she's no slouch in the bucks department, according to the article that Spencer probably totally made up.

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