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Off Her Rocker
light reaction. She thinks they may have reached the end of their honeymoon phase. He meets her halfway, suggesting they may have come into each other's lives at the wrong time and encouraging her to figure that out for herself.

The next day, everyone hits the streets for Hairy Hamlin's concert. Hairy takes the stage and sings the one song he's known for, the one about Ashlee Simpson. While he sings, ShePratt grills a self-admittedly confused Audrina about her relationship status. Audrina starts crying, hoping that Hairy can't tell from the stage. Finally, she breaks and walks away so she doesn't have to deal with all the assholes being all, "Are you crying? Keep crying! Camera time!" Of course, it's really just a ploy for her to get individual camera time (that ShePratt invariably snakes her way into). Why else would she be having this sudden breakdown in a middle of a huge street concert? I mean, besides the fact that everyone on this show possesses the emotional maturity of a junior high student -- the only other type to emotionally indulge this kind of bullshit. But getting back to the actual non-situation, I mean, she broke up with this guy last week. Lamely, but still... And now she's welling up over mid-tempo alterna-pop? It's not even that other song he's kind of known for. And the song's not even about her. WTF?

The next day, ShePratt recaps Audrina's concert drama to Lo, and they quickly decide it's all about JB. Lo asks how ShePratt's second date with Max went. ShePratt says Max is nice but that, when she stepped outside of herself for a minute, she realized her life was too complicated for a relationship. Lo tells her to stick with "the people that already know and love [her] and want to see [her] through to the end." And those people would be? ShePratt says it's a bummer. Lo offers the stock "you'll find someone... eventually" line that girlfriends (and paid reality starlets) are required to dispense, then reminds ShePratt they have a party that night that will provide a fun distraction.

Cut to the party, to which Kanye West's piece and all sorts of emaciated, alien-looking bold names have flocked. Kristin and BS break up the guy's conversation to horn in some girl talk. Audrina says she and Strand-y Bullock are giving it one more shot in the hopes that their initial feelings will resurface. Kristin asks why Audrina would want to be with someone she doesn't feel strongly for. Audrina rattles off some explanation about meeting needs, but she's interrupted when McInterloper and Allie Lutz parade in.

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