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The whole group is having dinner and toasting to Frankie's birthday. Someone asks about Audrina, and Brody yells that he doesn't want to talk about her. Stephanie comes up with a brilliant idea for a new subject; she wants to know why Brody told Lauren not to trust her. Oh, that'll be much less awkward than talking about Audrina. Brody says that she's Spencer's sister, and he's known her for a long time, and she's done some crazy things. In fact, she's been "a complete psycho." Stephanie blames any past actions on her drug problem (meth) for which she went to rehab. Doug asks why Brody wants to get into it right now and tries to smooth things over. Brody doesn't listen and says that he cares about Lauren and warned her away. Lauren looks sort of sick to her stomach. Stephanie says she's not crazy and Brody responds, "You're a little crazy." I'm kind of digging Brody the truth-teller. Stephanie of course starts to cry, and Lauren takes her to the bathroom. Doug asks Brody if he's making girls cry now, and Brody doesn't apologize. Hey, she brought it up. If she can't take the answer, she shouldn't have brought it up.

In the ladies' room, Lauren consoles Stephanie, who thinks that Brody sounds like her brother yelling at her, and doesn't know how boys can make girls cry. Because you let them? Why not yell back? Or better yet, refuse to engage in the drama in the first place? Lauren spits out one of her famous sayings: "Don't ever cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you." That's okay, but not nearly as good as "I'm going to forgive you, and then I'm going to forget you." Lauren finally gets sick of Stephanie's whining and says that Stephanie made mistakes, but she got help and got better, and now she's a stronger person. Stephanie says that she was never mean, even when she was on drugs; she was just selfish. Lauren urges her to fix her makeup and promises to leave if something else goes wrong. I kind of think Stephanie really digs having Lauren's undivided attention, like she's important enough to get Lauren to leave the whole group and spend time comforting her. You know that type? Like she needs to prove, "Lauren likes me SO MUCH -- more than you, Brody, or you, Lo, or you, Frankie! Ha ha ha!"

Everyone is hanging at some club. Audrina and JB arrive -- hmm, JB is captioned as Audrina's boyfriend. Really? Is he? When did that happen? Or do they feel obligated to caption it that way because they are sharing a room with one bed? I'm overthinking this, aren't I? Anyway, Brody calls JB over and says that everyone is gossiping about how Audrina is being a bitch, but the two dudes agree that they're not involved in that whole mess. Audrina and Lo greet each other but it doesn't seem weird, except that Lo kind of insinuates that Audrina and JB have been avoiding them, I guess. Frankie comes over and wants to have a heart-to-heart with Audrina about the whole thing, despite the fact that they have to yell in each other's ears to be heard. Audrina yells that the tension has been "escalating" and there are a lot of "attitudes." Does she know that Lo is standing right next to her? I guess Lo can't hear, because she doesn't react. Frankie thinks they should all talk before things get out of hand, and Audrina says she wants to, but not in a club. Lauren and Stephanie return -- were they in the bathroom this whole time? Like everyone else finished dinner and then went to this club while they were in the bathroom? I don't know. Lauren catches Lo's eye, who gives her a look like, "I don't know WTF." Lauren hugs Frankie, who says that he told Audrina to talk to Lauren tomorrow, because he wants things to be fun tonight. Lauren smiles and agrees, and Frankie slurs that he told Audrina to apologize (which he did). Lo hugs Stephanie.

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