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The One Before Vegas

Beachelorette pad. Kristin has invited Bartender Stacie over for a mid-morning bitch 'n' booze session. She tells her she hates everyone, in particular Brody. They make catty comments about Jayde, and Kristin mopes that she got hurt again. Speaking of boys who suck, she plays a message from JB telling her he ended everything with Audrina and wants to come over to talk with her. BS proves that she knows nothing by immediately switching gears to her 13-year-old self, swooning over how nice the message was, and asking Kristin what she's going to do. Kristin says she doesn't know. She claims to be "sick of this town and all the boys in it!" A piece of leftover candy corn hits BS square in her left ear, and she remembers she's here for more than just mango margaritas. She puts on her best idea face and suggests they head out of town for a girly trip. Kristin gets a conspiratorial look and says, "We could go to Vegas..." Thought bubble over BS's head: "You mean like on vacay? Road trip!" They decide to pack and leave before they can change their minds. No second thoughts in Vegas, y'all.

Next week: Spencer finds a pregnancy test. Vegas shenanigans starring Kristin and JB. Kristin asks if he ever drove to Vegas for Audrina. The answer is: "Yes... and then I abandoned her on The Strip to earn her passage home by turning tricks. I am nothing if not a gentleman."

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