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Heidi and Darlene have lunch. Darlene jumps right into why Heidi was hiding her living status. Heidi claims that she always did what her mother wanted and never followed her heart. Darlene says now Heidi just does what Spencer wants, so nothing has really changed, plus Spencer was a dick to her. Darlene brings up how Spencer tries to separate Heidi from her friends and family, and then she starts crying! Her mom is crying! Darlene says she's afraid of losing Heidi, and she wants her to be happy. No! Darlene! Don't back down!

Stephanie wanders into Doug's house and hangs by herself. Lauren and Brody discuss how crazy Stephanie is. Doug wanders out and he and Lauren get into it about how shitty it was for him to go out with Stephanie. Doug starts yelling that he saw Stephanie as a lost puppy and he was just trying to be nice. Here's the awesome part: Stephanie overhears the whole thing. Now I almost feel bad for her. She's an idiot, but she grew up with Spencer, so there's got to be some residual damage. Maybe she just needs good therapy. Doug tries to downplay his "dates" with Stephanie, and Lauren just laughs at him. He doesn't think he's done wrong by Lauren, and by way of explanation, he yells, "You're my ex-fling!" and Lauren is like "Oh shit!" and leaves. And then Brody keeps yelling at Doug because he found out about the whole Stephanie thing from his mom and they're supposed to be "homies." Brody's slang is about as outdated as mine.

Lauren goes inside and finds Stephanie crying. Stephanie vows that she's never going to hang out with the gang again, because Brody and Doug suck. Lauren says that what happened is in the past but Stephanie keeps lying about how Doug was the one pursuing her. Stephanie goes on and on about how Doug was calling her and pursuing her and finally Lauren just goes, "Steph!" like "Seriously, I know how much you're lying right now, so shut up!" Stephanie kind of realizes she's busted, and Lauren just walks away, and Stephanie cries some more. Damn. That was some good conflict this week.

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