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And now for the money shots. They dive into the inevitable Lauren-hates-Spencer theatrics that have been the show's linchpin since anyone can remember. Heidi gets emotional. Lots of tears ensue. Lauren admits she still loves Heidi, but says she can't stand by and witness Spencer's douchery. Heidi chips in about her memories of being a real person, not a blow-up doll, and it's a full-on sobfest. They hug it out, and we get a brief, sparkling glimpse of the old Heidi as she tells Lauren to chin up and not cry on her birthday. They wonder where to go from here. Lauren recommends the only sensible option: alcohol. Now that's a solution I can get down with.

Britney sings about getting out from under as gang all files out to their respective transportation. Lauren hugs Heidi, and they go their separate ways. Ohhhh, but we're not done! Read on...

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The Hills




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