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You Say It’s Your Birthday?

At the LAL compound, Lo and Lauren are putting on makeup and marveling about the craziness in things like being together with Doug, and going to Stephanie Pratt's birthday party. Lauren natters on about wanting to trust everyone, and Lo can't be arsed to rain on her parade too much.

Audrina shows up to find out what time they're going to the party, and L and L figure around 10:30 or so, and Audrina says she'll come by to have a drink, and then the cameras keep rolling so Lo and Audrina can make awkward faces and Lauren can literally be in the middle of it.

At a restaurant, Kelly Cutrone toasts all the awesome people at People's Revolution, including publicist Jessica, who seems to be giving Whitney the stinkeye. Kelly is talking about some plans in New York, and wants to bring Whitney there for some stuff. Jessica interrupts to talk about how she talks to stylists, too, and Kelly shuts her down, saying, "It's my company, and you'll just kneel to that" and that she doesn't want Jessica talking to stylists. "You: pretty, pretty, happy, happy, pitch stories!" People who do what she wants move up, people who don't get cut. Long, lingering shots of angelic Whitney and evil scheming Jessica.

So midway through the episode, we need a recap of things that have happened so far, with Lo and Lauren driving to the party and talking about how great it is that Doug's coming with Frankie and Brody, and Lauren hopes Audrina stops by. "No reason not to," says Lo. Lauren wants everyone to just get along. Instead of saying, "Then maybe we should all stop acting like third-graders," Lo says, "The ones who matter are getting along." Helpful attitude. I kept hearing that Lo is like that fun, bitchy friend women have. Here's hoping I see the "fun" side of her soon. They arrive at Boulevard 3 for this party, and Lo and Lauren hug Stephanie, and everyone compliments everyone, and Audrina shows up, and everyone hugs, and then Frankie, Brody and Doug show up, and there is yet more hugging, like this has been going on for about ten minutes. Lo, unflatteringly lit, tells Audrina that she looks pretty and she's glad they talked. Audrina seems stunned, all "Is she serious?" and doesn't say anything.

And here's Spencer, with a fistful of balloons for his sister. "Shut up," says a shocked Lauren to Lo. The two of them are amazed that Spencer's here, even though, when all else is said and done, it's his SISTER. Brody looks less than pleased, too.

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