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Previously, Audrina accused Lauren of hooking up with JB, but then shortly all was forgiven and they were besties again. Stephanie set feminism back a hundred years by getting mad when her boyfriend wouldn't beat up Brody to defend her honor. Whitney started the process of setting up her spin-off.

People's Revolution. Kelly Crow-trone calls Whitney up to her office to set up the spin-off. She explains that Diane Von Furstenberg is looking for someone to do in-house PR, like Whitney's remotely qualified for that. So Kelly Crow-trone went ahead and set up an interview for Whitney in New York, without asking her if she was interested or if she wants to move across the country. Whitney doesn't have much to say, because she never does. Kelly Crow-trone tries to pretend like she did this out of the kindness of her heart, when you know the producers set the whole thing up and she had nothing to do with it. Kelly pushes the "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" aspect. Whitney says it sounds amazing but scary. Kelly thinks she has a good shot at getting hired. Gee, you think? She might have a shot? This show sucks lately. Everyone always gets everything they ever wanted, and disappointments last a total of one episode. Boo.

Audrina's House. Audrina and Lauren are besties again. They discuss Audrina decorating her house. How many weeks have we seen Audrina talking about decorating her house now? Like four. And yet, nothing has been done. Story of Audrina's life. She's probably waiting for some sponsor to come furnish her pad for her. Audrina admits to Lauren that she still wants to be with JB, and somehow Lauren doesn't haul off and smack her. Then they start talking about the fact that Lauren's parents are moving out of Laguna Beach, so she's going to their house to pack up all her stuff. Lauren says that all of her Laguna friends are in L.A., but it's still sad, to officially move all of her stuff out of her parents' house.

Stephanie meets up with Spencer for lunch at some taco stand. Spencer immediately criticizes her for being late. For some reason, Stephanie is not only having lunch with Spencer, but she's also asking him for relationship advice. She's back together with Cameron, but now her problem is that she always has to drive to his house and he never drives to hers. He's not that into her, I guess. Would you be? He's probably like, "Are the cameras filming today? No. Um, something important just came up and we can't hang out." Spencer's advice is to dump the chump and become a nun by "joining a nun's....thing." You mean a convent, genius? Stephanie admits that she and Cameron have broken up four or five times, and Spencer advises her that she can do better. Which is actually a nice thing to say to your sister. Is it possible that Spencer is a human being?

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