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People's Revolution. Whitney fills Lauren in on the amaaaaaazing opportunity that Kelly just randomly presented to her. Whitney says amazing more than Felicity ever did, and that's saying something. Then again, Felicity's lines were scripted and Whitney's...aren't? Lauren thinks it would be "the most awesome thing ever" until Whitney reveals that she would have to move to New York. Lauren is sad, but also excited for Whitney and her opportunity. Whitney says she's flying in and out the same day, so she doesn't know if she'll be able to see the new guy Jay at all. Lauren says that she has to see him and comments title-style, "Dream boy, dream job!" Whitney can't stop grinning but says that she has to make the decision on the job independent of any potential dude.

Stephanie and Cameron arrive at some club to meet Heidi and Spencer for dinner. Apparently, the evil twins didn't know that Cameron was joining them. Spencer starts in bitching at Cameron about how he thought they broke up. Which is not true, since Stephanie just told him at lunch that they were still together. Like two scenes ago. Cameron says that things worked out and they're trying things again. Spencer claims he's only being protective of his sister and Stephanie starts hiding her face in her hands like she's SOOOO mortified. Please. She's related to Spencer. She should be immune to it by now.

Laguna! Aw, remember when Lauren was in Laguna? Anyway, now she's back at her parents' mansion with Lo to pack up her stuff. Lauren's parents are packing up the kitchen. The parents are moving to a smaller house, since they only have one kid still living with them and he'll be going to college shortly.

New York City. Whitney arrives. I really dig her black shirtdress with a wide black belt. Her hair still looks pretty straggly though. She should trim that shit up. Whitney arrives at her interview and is brought into the office by walking up a giant staircase. Whitney watches as people work nearby and finally Alixe Boyer, Whitney's potential boss, walks in and sits down. She says she's seen Whitney's resumé and wants to know what Whitney's been doing, work-wise. Whitney explains that she did a lot of styling, particularly with runway shows. She also did casting. Whitney adds that she's always wanted to work for a designer and it would be a great opportunity. Kids, here's an interview tip. Don't tell the interviewer what they can do for you. Tell them what you can do for them. A better answer here would have been for Whitney to say that she's learned a lot about how fashion publicity works, and she thinks she could help to continue extending the DVF brand worldwide. The employer doesn't care that it helps fill a gap on your resumé or whatever. Alixe explains that Whitney's position would be as an image coordinator. They keep zooming in on the shoes, which are really awesome, but this isn't Sex and the City, so let's move on. Whitney says that she could start immediately if needed, and she's ready to start a whole new lifestyle and move to New York. She knows that if she wants to work in fashion, that's what she needs to be. Again, she's telling them what DVF could do for her. Not that there's any doubt Whitney is going to get this job, but I hope no one is watching this to get interview tips.

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