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Setting Up The City

Stephanie's apartment. Cameron shows up. I enjoy Stephanie's apartment because it looks lived in. It's messy and has actual things in it. Anyway, Stephanie sits Cameron down and tells him that things aren't working. Cameron wants to compromise and work it out. Stephanie doesn't think the relationship can recover. She used to be happy, but now she's not, and she thinks she deserves better. She starts crying. Cameron is totally emotionless as he says that she needs what she needs. Does anyone really care about Stephanie's love life? Moving on.

Lauren and Lo go through Lauren's things. Lauren is reading old diaries. She reads an entry from when her parents sold their previous house, and how she was upset that someone was buying the house where she and Stephen had their first kiss. She also unearths her first cell phone, which is gigantic. She and Lo have a good laugh over that one. Lauren finds a will that she wrote, where she expresses her love for her parents, and then says that she wants to be buried in her homecoming dress with her crown on her coffin. Okay, that? Is awesome. I wish this whole show was like this. Lo gets all philosophical and says that moving is like closing a chapter in your life. Lauren thinks this will make L.A. more like her home. They head outside and take in the amazing view. Lauren's parents are seriously rich, y'all. Lauren decides that it's time to make her own home now, but Lo thinks they're too young to do that already. After packing absolutely nothing, they leave.

Whitney finishes up her interview and heads outside, where Jay is waiting for her. They hug and kiss, and Whitney says she should hear about the job tomorrow. Jay is happy that she's thinking about staying in New York. They try to have a conversation but they can't keep their hands off each other. Whitney says that she has to leave now for her flight, and Jay is sad that they can't hang out (read: fuck). They hug goodbye and Whitney hops in a cab to go to the airport.

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