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It's Bananas, Homey

And speaking of, Spencer is back at The Dime downing more tequila shots with his "friend." As if on cue, BS asks about Heidi, so Spencer gives her the most dramatic possible version of the story -- Heidi's abrupt flight to Colorado, the lack of closure, etc. BS bubble-throats some world-class bullshit about how she thought Heidi was crazy. In the corner of the screen, I think I see Spencer's wallet rising a little in his pocket. Do men wear their wallets in their front pocket these days? No? Oh... I guess that's something else. As she mentally tabulates how much tip money she's going to get out of this sucker, BS proposes a toast to "No more crazy girlfriends!" She flirts, "I like how tequila creates and fixes all of our problems." They do their damnedest to have a believably flirty exchange, ending the evening in that classic sex eyes ellipsis that we've all come to know and love from back in the Laguna Beach days. Except it's Spencer. So ick!

This season: Speidi, the (fake) break-up! Heidi and Lauren, the (fake) reunion! Stephanie and People's Revolution, the (fake) job! Audrina and Brody, the (fake) hook-up! The triumphant return of JB! And, (real) whoa! Spencer apologizes to Lauren for ruining her last two years, then Heidi invites her to the wedding. "Bananas, homey" is right!

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