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For Better Or Worse

Hillside Villas. The next morning. Lauren looks hung over. Yet another transitional scene to remind us that Whitney is responsible for the photo shoot succeeding, and to remind us of Jason's stupid housewarming.

Lauren and Whitney arrive at an airport for the photo shoot. They're both hung over and sick, but the band's not there yet. Maybe they should have stopped and picked the band up? The stylist notes that the band is late, and Whitney tries to blame car trouble. The band finally arrives. Whitney gives Lauren some tasks to do. She tries to get Ladies' Jeans to change his pants, and he refuses. Ugh. Musicians. Who wear Ladies' Jeans. Whitney and Lauren discuss how disappointed Lisa will be in the photo shoot. Because of one dude's jeans?

Heidi and Spencer head to a store (Crate & Barrel, I think? And I would have thought these two would have higher-end taste) to register. Heidi registers for china and glasses, and Spencer could not care less. Can you blame him? Spencer thinks they already have a bunch of stuff and don't need more. Heidi takes it as a sign that Spencer is not into getting married, and believe me, it pains me a lot to take Spencer's side, but if he doesn't give a shit, why should he fake it? Just let Heidi pick it out with one of her...oh, I forgot, she has no female friends left except for stupid Jen.

Audrina and Lauren arrive at Jason's housewarming. They meet his girlfriend, Katja. Jason and Katja keep kissing and can't keep their hands off each other. Brandon, Jason's friend, announces that Jason and Katja just got engaged. They did? And this is how Jason is telling Lauren? That's shitty. Not that I'm surprised. Lauren says she wants to leave, and she goes outside to get some air. Jason follows her out and acts like he doesn't know what the problem is. He blames it on Lauren for not liking Katja. Lauren says it's more about Jason rushing into marriage. Jason thought Lauren would be happy for him. Katja comes out to find out what's up and mark her territory, and Lauren doesn't make eye contact. Jason asks if she's okay, like she's going to say anything with Katja right there, and Lauren just congratulates him.

Teen Vogue Offices. Lisa Love calls Whitney in for a discussion about the photo shoot. Whitney thinks she did okay, and explains about Ladies' Jeans and his refusal to change. She stupidly tells Lisa that they went out the night before, and Lisa is very clear that is Just Not Done. She thinks it leads to a lack of respect by the subjects of the photo shoot. Lisa tells Whitney to step it up and be the boss. So she didn't get in trouble, really. That was more of a coaching session, except Lisa is kind of scary.

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