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For Better Or Worse

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For Better Or Worse

Spencer and Heidi go out to lunch. Heidi wants to set a date for the wedding. They haven't even decided on fall or spring yet. Heidi has already picked out a church. Spencer wants to fly to Tibet, and suggests that they elope. Heidi tries to give him the whole "every little girl dreams of a wedding" speech, and discovers that Spencer hasn't even told his parents that they're engaged. RED FLAG! And he has no explanation for it.

Lauren and Whitney walk outside. Whitney thinks that session with Lisa was "an ass-whooping," which, girl, please. Lauren tells Whitney about Jason's housewarming and surprise engagement. Lauren gets a little gossipy about how she wouldn't want her engagement party to include "a kegger and a Bob Marley poster." Good point. Lauren adds that Jason isn't even supposed to be dating anyone yet, according to his twelve-step program. Yeah, isn't he supposed to avoid any major life decisions for, like, a year? Admittedly, my whole knowledge of twelve-step programs comes from TV and movies, so, probably not that accurate. Whitney suggests letting Jason make his own mistakes and solve his own problems. Lauren probably won't, but she's also glad that she wasn't having her engagement party in a shitty apartment with a keg of PBR. I guess she's learning.

Ooh, next week shows the return of Lo (!), and more Heidi job drama! Yay!

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