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The Pit of Despair, a.k.a. Heidi and Spencer's apartment. Spencer tries to say all faux-casually that he was just reading "an iChat" on his computer, and "unless hell is freezing over, it's pretty much the craziest iChat [he's] ever read." Heidi says that she talked to Lauren at the party and tried to apologize (?!?) but Lauren wasn't hearing it. Okay, Heidi specifically refused to apologize. What a selective memory. Heidi thinks that she and Lauren were friends too long to just give up. Spencer, a totally creepy blank look on his face, tells Heidi to be careful. Heidi thinks that life is too short for all this anger and hatred. Spencer kind of gives her a look like, "What is life without anger and hatred? That's not a life worth living!"

Epic Records. Chiara brings flowers in that Sean sent to her and Audrina. Chiara tells Audrina that she did a great job. Audrina is pleased that she feels like she has a real job now.

Hillside Villas. Heidi walks in, carrying flowers. Lauren, who I think was reading the book written about this show, answers the door. Heidi hands Lauren the flowers, and Lauren just tosses them on the counter. Heidi compliments the décor and the cleanliness of the apartment. Lauren just sits there with bitchface. Heidi apologizes for what happened at the party and says that she's been frustrated with all the rumors, but she promises that she didn't start them. Lauren asks if Spencer did, and Heidi says she doesn't know. Lauren accuses Heidi of lying. Heidi apologizes on Spencer's behalf and then says that she can't control him. She had better get used to apologizing on his behalf, then. Lauren starts yelling that Heidi knows Spencer did this but won't believe it because she loves him and wants to believe he's a good person. Heidi protests that Spencer isn't bad, and Lauren wishes Heidi could know how horrible the whole situation was for her. Heidi keeps saying that she had no idea. Lauren: "Heidi, sometimes whether you did something or you did nothing, it's just as bad." Do you think Lauren sat around with Whitney earlier today and came up with potential lines to use in this argument? Because that had to have been preplanned.

Anyway, Heidi says again that she can't control Spencer, and Lauren gets emotional and asks, "How can you hate someone so much that you literally want to make them wish they were dead?" That sentence has all kinds of problems, but I get what she means. Heidi: "Spencer doesn't hate you!" Lauren: [another awesome "Bitch, please!" look].

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