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Friends in Lo(w) Places

Previously: Audrina wasted tons of time on Justin Bobby, but found her redemption in a hair product addict with musical aspirations. Kristin wasted her time on Brody, who found conjunction in a screentime addict with no discernible aspirations. Says Kristin, "I thought what Brody did would cost us our friendship, and I was about to learn that it's hard to look for something else when what you really want is right in front of you..."

Kristin's house. Bartender Stacie brings over her pooch, "Little Charlie" (guess Brody's not the only one into giving pups as presents). BS asks about Kristin's dating status. Kristin said she'd be up for dating someone else if the right person came along. BS chimes in that Kristin has suffered the downside of "friends with benefits" because her feelings became deeper than what was on offer. They vow to go out and flirt with boys somewhere beyond their usual haunts. Credits.

Lo meets up with Brody's new trick, McKaela, who was in the same sorority as her in college. Lo tells McKissAss about her job at Smashbox and, before you know it, Lo's passing on McKonnections' resume to her boss with a good word for her Kappa sister. Lo asks about McGettingToKnowYou's impressions upon meeting the gang the other night. McKonfused asks about Brody and Kristin. Lo admits they have a history both as boyfriend-girlfriend and as hookup buddies. McKanYouReadBetweenTheLines asks if she should be worried. Lo warns her to be nice to Kristin because "it's kind of a tough crowd." Especially when you're not being paid to deal with their dramatics.

That night, Kristin and BS head "out of [their] element" to a bar that looks... exactly like their element. They reiterate their resolution to mix it up by going to new places and meeting new people. On cue, a throng of cholo frat boys (if such a thing exists) talks up the ladies, nearly knocking over Kristin's glass. In case you couldn't tell already that Kristin is rethinking this out-of-the-box approach to flirting, she rolls her eyes at the unwashed masses.

Elsewhere, McKappa updates Brody on her day date with Lo, then mentions the awkwardness of the other night. Brody tries to be all, "That's just how they are!" McKutTheCrap tells him that Kristin should be cool with him dating since they officially broke up years ago. She lays down the gauntlet, saying she's had to deal with such haggery in the past and is done with the "girl drama." The best part of this whole conversation is that Brody retorts, "You're going to have to deal with it." Ha! Homie knows which side his bread is buttered. McKrumblingQuickly is all, "We'll see." I give her one more episode.

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