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So that should go well.

Audrina's on her date with Colin. Turns out he used to work at Saddle Ranch, just like every other former or wannabe reality show star, so you know this whole thing is bullshit. Or more bullshit than usual. You know what, guys? They both love music! And talking. Or not talking. And soup. So Audrina immediately brings up JB and how he's a mean drunk. Colin says he's a happy drunk and then asks Audrina out again. They have so much in common! They both love being on reality shows and not having any talent!

Holly meets Lauren and Lo for drinks. They reminisce about how Holly stayed with Lauren and Heidi when they used to live together. Holly throws her sister under the bus about how much she sucks, but then says that Heidi really wants to reconnect with Lauren. Lauren is basically like, "I'm not going to give her more airtime by talking about her, so let's just pretend I've forgiven her. But I WON'T FORGET!" Lo says for the second time that Holly really reminds her of Holly - like, have another drink, Lo.

People's Revolution. Whitney greets Lauren and then Lauren tosses a letter from Heidi on Whitney's desk. Whitney reads it out loud: "Lauren: I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about everything. I'm so sorry for every negative or hurtful comment I've ever said. That is not how I feel or who I am. I think you are a great person and I will always cherish our memories. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. I really wish things didn't turn out this way, but I take responsibility. This whole thing has also been really hard for me. Sincerely, Heidi Montag." Why her last name? [Branding! - Zach] Lauren wonders why this is happening now. Whitney thinks Heidi is lonely. Lauren thinks it was driven by Holly being friends with them now, and muses that Heidi still can't just blame Spencer.

Audrina meets up with Colin the Reality Ho for another date. She says that she had a late night because JB called. Colin says that he likes Audrina a lot but she keeps talking about JB. Audrina says that they're not dating, but she's known him a long time. Run, Colin! Also, she has dead eyes.

Holly shows up at Lauren's house for a visit. They decide to order in, and Lauren has a million menus because she's "not a good cooker." Holly asks about Heidi's letter, and Lauren just kind of rolls her eyes. Holly relays that Heidi hates how things went down. Lauren says that she forgave Heidi a long time ago, and wonders if Heidi has any friends. Holly states the obvious: "She has... me." Lauren can't be civil to Spencer, so that's the only thing that's really in the way of her being friends with Heidi again.

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