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LAL House. Audrina finds Lauren, and says that she's kind of done dating Colin, mostly because when she was with him, she was just thinking about JB. Lauren thinks Audrina should tell JB about her dates, and Audrina says that if he doesn't care, that kind of tells her what she needs to know. Lauren relays what happened with the letter and Holly intervening and everything. Lauren thinks that it's better to look back and have fond memories. Lauren admits that she has a problem with Spencer, and she wonders where they would all be if Heidi had never met Spencer. Audrina's mind is BLOWN. Blown.

Audrina and JB meet out at a club. JB asks Audrina if he can tattoo her butt. You know, as you do. Audrina giggles and then brings up her date. She waits for JB to act jealous or tell her she can't. Audrina reveals that JB is dating, too. JB totally calls her on her immature bullshit with trying to make him jealous, and says that she needs to think through her motives by bringing this all up tonight. I hate JB, but I also kind of love JB.

Holly and Heidi hang out. Holly says that she talked to Lauren about the letter. Holly totally exaggerates what Lauren said and pretends like Lauren is basically dying to be friends again. Heidi thinks Lauren needs to make the next move, then. Spencer walks in and the conversation stops dead. He demands to know why they were talking about Lauren. Holly drops the bomb that Heidi wrote a letter to Lauren. Spencer looks disgusted and Heidi is forced to backpedal and says that she wrote a letter, which Spencer clearly didn't know about. Spencer pretends like he's only mad because Heidi kept it a secret. Holly pipes up and Spencer explodes and shushes Holly. I really, really, really hope that this really is all fake, because if not, Spencer needs to die, like Dixie Chicks style. Holly says that Lauren won't be friends with Heidi as long as she's dating Spencer. Spencer thinks it's great that Lauren's not in Heidi's life, so he's unapologetic. Holly thinks Heidi should break up with Spencer and be friends with Lauren again. Heidi doesn't say anything and Spencer stomps out of the room. She should whack him in the head with a frying pan.

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