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New Dogs, Same Old Dicks

He uses the trust peg to make a shifty (and shitty, I might add) transition to saying that their problems have to do with the fact that "they" don't trust and that she has a terrible record as far as dating goes. You see what he did there? It went from him being a shithead liar to her being a failure at relationships in about three sentences. She calls him out for that below-the-belt fuckery. She tells him it's not about how others have screwed her, because the patterns he's displaying are reason enough to move on. He says she's just trying to get a rise out of him but is really just pushing him away. And seriously, he is acting like a hurt girl here. The doe eyes and the subtle hunch of the shoulder. Now he's just trying to make her feel bad. But it does not work for one second. Barely containing her contempt, Kristin tells him she's done. She walks out to Kelly's power alto. Sweet.

Next week: Seriously? Now that JB has pulled back in Audrina and been cut loose by Kristin, he just uses it to shit on Audrina, telling her that he took things to a new level emotionally with Kristin. Spencer considers a vasectomy, garnering an awesome response from Heidi: "Hi, honey, I snipped my balls snipped off?" And Kristin's continued hanging out with Brody stirs up a club brawl with Jayde.

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