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Moving Out

Wow, the previouslies are going way back to last season, when Spencer went to Vegas and humiliated Heidi in front of her bosses. And then just last week, JB told Audrina that he wanted to be with her, whatever that means.

LAL House. Audrina is somehow granted access to the main house, and Lauren won't shut up about how she's going to a rock show and she wants Audrina to help her pick out an outfit. It seems weird that Lauren is totally talking about her date with Lo right in front of Audrina and not inviting her. Audrina just forges ahead with her news -- she's moving out. This weekend. Lauren is surprised. Audrina hasn't told JB about the new place yet, but she thinks he'll be there a lot. But she's not planning on anything. Except she is totally planning on him moving in. At least that's the subtext I got. Lauren, to her credit, acts happy for her friend. For once.

Heidi and Kimberly the Event Coordinator are hanging out in front of a club. The big bosses show up, so this must be a new place that Bolthouse is opening. The CEO walks around and barks out orders and then asks Heidi if she's going to be there to coordinate. He makes a snarky remark about how he remembers what happened last time they were there. Heidi and Kimberly walk around. Let me tell you, I've planned events. On the day of a big event, there is no way you are as relaxed as Heidi is right now. You're running around, going crazy, sweating, making phone calls, double-checking things, and generally losing your shit. Even when it's a well-planned event. I did an in-store with the Barenaked Ladies and I thought I was going to have a coronary event, even though everything went fine. So instead of focusing on any of that, Heidi just starts musing that she thinks she wants to invite Spencer and Stephanie and Audrina to the event, because it'll be a lot of fun. Events that you work are not fun at all. She's an idiot.

People's Revolution. I kind of forgot this place existed. Lauren confesses to Whitney that Audrina is moving out. Lauren thinks it will be weird, but she hopes Audrina is moving out for the right reasons. Whitney makes a cringing face when she hears that Audrina might move in with JB, and Lauren makes her knowing nod face.

Audrina and JB have dinner. Audrina tells him that she found a place to live. JB, who is wearing an ugly baseball hat at a nice, fancy restaurant, keeps pestering Audrina about what she's thinking. She finally passive-aggressives that she doesn't want to live by herself. JB says nothing so she comes right out and asks him if he wants to move in. JB says, "Just, you know, let it happen." That's a fantastic life theory. Don't actually try to do anything. Just see what happens.

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