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Previously: Whitney got a new job at People's Revolution and kicked butt. Heidi and Spencer were pissed that Stephanie was friends with Lauren.

Lauren and Whitney have lunch and discuss Stephanie's situation. Whitney thinks it's ridiculous how much energy Heidi and Spencer waste being angry at people. I totally agree. Even if it's fake angry, think about how much time they spend bitching and being manipulative, when they could spend time doing positive things like...writing bitchy recaps of their every evil move. OK, so I'm the pot calling the kettle wasteful. Whitney fills Lauren in on her new job, and her role in the fashion show. Lauren is totes jealous and Whitney knows it and you sort of expect her to say, "So I talked to Kelly about hiring you" but that...doesn't happen.

People's Revolution. Kelly calls everyone over to discuss LA Fashion Week. She tells everyone that she expects complete devotion, including staying late and getting there early. She runs down the rules about dressing in black, with no boobs, tats, or piercings showing. She warns everyone not to roll their eyes at her, or question their assigned tasks. I know some people probably think this is harsh, but I think it's awesome! She's teaching these people to be fucking professionals, which is a skill that's sadly lacking these days. Kelly is upset that they haven't started outreach to celebrities, and the girl whose job that is, Jessica, gives the wrong answer: "Working on that." The more she is questioned about it, the more defensive and clueless Jessica gets. Is it her first day? Because even I know that Kelly Cutrone is NOT HAVING IT. Whitney rescues Jessica (and sort of also throws her under the bus) when she says that they have a deal with Robin Antin, so maybe they can also reach out to the various celebrities who have performed with the Pussycat Dolls. Kelly is elated that someone has an effing brain in her head, JESSICA. Whoo, that bitch Jessica is pissed that the MTV girl just showed her up hardcore.

Lauren sits in the closet at Teen Vogue doing nothing. She calls Whitney, who of course is doing exciting fashion things while Lauren hangs out in the closet by herself. Lauren wishes she were there, but Whitney has to go because she has work to do. Gee, do you think they're setting it up that Lauren is going to go work with Whitney?

Stephanie's Apartment. Heidi and Stephanie get ready to go out. Heidi is excited to go clubbing, since it's been a while.

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