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That night, ShePratt meets up with Josh. He scores points quickly by sympathetically ordering a soft drink with her and not pushing her about why she doesn't drink. He explains -- resembling James Franco in Pineapple Express more with each passing second -- that he only drinks occasionally because he's very serious about his racing career, which was inspired by his dad. ShePratt puzzles over the enigma of his bad boy looks squared against his rather wholesome lifestyle. He asks about her parents, and she says they're good, smartly leaving out any mention of her brother. He can he quickly tell she's not going to elaborate further, so he gives her this hilarious little wink and click of the tongue. Ah, first dates and their many awkward silences!

ShePratt asks how Josh knows Brody. In the course of his explanation, he comes clean that he knows all about her dysfunctional family and her DUI. He compliments her on working through her issues and admits that he was afraid he would look like the fool if she ordered a drink and he didn't. ShePratt is relieved because she felt that way, too. They agree that they're off to a good start.

Elsewhere, Lo and the boyf celebrate their anniversary and reminisce about their first date. Lo says she wasn't so sure, but Scott says he knew right away. Apparently Lo was the aggressor. They agree the last year has been one of the best of their lives. Scott asks when Lo's lease ends as a means of saying he wants to move in together. She's all, "Put a ring on it." He seems okay with the idea of marriage, so she says they'll see how it goes and gives him a cute smile. Then they take in a panoramic view of L.A. and share an "I love you" or two. I mean, congratulations to them and everything, but man this show is really desperate for filler.

Over at Kristin's house, Brody has come for the talk. She acknowledges that things are awkward between them. He pretends not to know what she's talking about and asks what she wants. She stumbles over the truth, finally admitting she wants him as a boyfriend. He takes a big sigh before obnoxiously asking her why she's been playing games. Holy sanctimony, Batman! What a load. He wonders why she's chosen this moment to profess her feelings to him. I just wish he'd turn to his left and yelp, "Why, Adam DiVello, why?!" Instead, Kristin murmurs something about giving things a shot again. Brody grimly tells her it's too late and that he's seeing someone else. Adding insult to injury, he tells her they've "already been down that road, and it didn't work out." Kristin takes it like a punch in the gut. Brody senses it's time to leave and shows himself the door as Kristin sadly watches him walk away.

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