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Meet The Parents

Goddamn MTV and starting shows early. You'd think I would remember that from all my years of recapping Real World but not so much. I'm rusty. Anyway, I caught the last few moments of the pre-credits sequence (which aired at 9:58 PM by my clock) and Spencer was agreeing to go to Colorado with Heidi to meet her family. I thought she was from Laguna? Maybe her parents are divorced. Who am I kidding -- her parents have to be divorced. Heidi just screams "Daddy, love me!"

Spencer and Brody go into an automotive store to look at rims or something. These two sure do a lot of shopping together. Spencer says he's going to meet Heidi's family in Colorado. Brody reminds him that this weekend is the BBQ they've been planning with Frankie (remember his birthday party?). They've been planning it for months, apparently, but Spencer is like, "Oh, well." He's probably actually more like, "Production told me that, storyline-wise, they need me to meet Heidi's parents this weekend, leaving you alone to talk to Lauren behind my back." Brody is pissed that Spencer is flaking on his boys.

Audrina and Justin-Bobby walk on the beach. Audrina tries one more fruitless time to convince Justin-Bobby to try to get along with Lauren. Audrina explains that Lauren is just cautious because Audrina has been burned by guys in the past. Justin-Bobby "jokes" that he won't hurt Audrina until she pisses him off. Justin-Bobby is the king of jokes that bomb. Maybe he should take the hint that he's not funny and stop trying.

Heidi/Spencer. Packing for Colorado. Heidi's hair is blonder. Heidi says that the whole town knows they are coming. Spencer wants a briefing on what Heidi's parents do and don't know about him. I love how he assumes that Heidi lies about him and their relationship to her parents. Spencer, just because you are a big fraud doesn't mean that everyone is.

Boulevard Lounge. Lauren, Lo (!), and Audrina talk about Brody's upcoming BBQ, which they all plan to attend. Lo, ever the diplomat, tries to say that Audrina likes Justin-Bobby because he is "new and unique." Lauren protests that he's not new, since he and Audrina have been on and off for years. Lauren says that Justin-Bobby is complicated, and Audrina says that she likes that about him. I don't think Lauren was paying him a compliment. Also, when did "complicated" become code for "pretentious twat"?

Crested Butte. Heidi and Spencer arrive on a really tiny plane. Was it a private flight? They're the only ones we see getting off the plane. Who paid for that? Does Heidi's family have that much money? Does Spencer's? Did MTV pay for it? Inquiring minds want to know. ["It's the sex-tape-rumor money." -- Miss Alli] Heidi tries to explain how small her small town is as they drive into town. Heidi says she's nervous and Spencer says he's super-nervous. Heidi's mom and siblings run out and greet the car. Tim (Heidi's stepfather) shakes Spencer's hand. I knew Heidi's parents were divorced. I wonder where her dad is? Heidi's mom looks nothing like I imagined. She's very...Colorado. Healthy and outdoorsy looking -- pretty but not fussy.

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