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Meet The Parents

Colorado. Heidi and her mom have a heart-to-heart. Heidi can't imagine her life without Spencer (co-dependent red flag!) and Mom is worried that Heidi is putting too much into the relationship. Heidi claims that she has a lot of friends, and as evidence, she says that Spencer's friends have girlfriends Heidi hangs out with. Okay, but if you and Spencer break up, Heidi, those women will no longer be friends with you. Mom asks what happened with Lauren. Heidi claims that it was just that she was spending time with Spencer and Lauren was jealous. Mom tries to pry some more, but Heidi shuts her down by saying she and Lauren will never be friends again. Man, she really doesn't want to talk about this.

Brody's BBQ. Lauren apologizes to Brody for breaking his finger and then laughing. Brody says he can laugh about it now, but he was pissed that Lauren laughed at him when he returned, since he was really hurt. What a wimp. Lauren tries to explain why it was funny. Lo tells them to SHUT IT! I seriously am in love with her.

Heidi's parents own a restaurant. Spencer is impressed by the painting job, which leads to jokes about Heidi's paint job in their apartment. Spencer announces that he's ready to commit to Heidi and marry her. Heidi's mom thinks that you have to spend more time together and weather some tough times before making that kind of commitment. Spencer is ready to commit now. Which is why he bought her a promise ring instead of an engagement ring, right?

BBQ. Brody asks Lauren where Whitney is. Lauren explains that she's sick. Lauren asks about Spencer. Brody plays it off, but Lauren says she understands what it's like to lose a friend.

Colorado. Dinner. Heidi excuses herself from the table, which allows her mom to ask Spencer about Lauren. Spencer thinks Lauren is childish and selfish and wants Heidi to herself. Mom thinks there's room for a best friend and a boyfriend. Heidi returns and asks why they're talking about it again. Awkward pause. Everyone stares at each other and chews.

A slightly tipsy Lauren tells Audrina how her mom was happy they're roommates. Audrina talks more than I think I've ever heard her talk and explains that Heidi let Hollywood go to her head and let Spencer influence her. Lauren tears up as she says that Jason hated Heidi and Lauren stayed friends with her anyway. Audrina compliments Lauren on what a great friend she is and now they're both kind of crying. Drunk.

Heidi leaves Spencer on the couch with a kiss. They're sleeping in separate rooms, which is weird to me, since they live together. You'd think her parents would give up on that particular rule. Also? It's a really small house.

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