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Previously, Whitney interviewed for a new job with DVF (you know, Diane Von Furstenberg -- what are you, new?) and prepared to move to New York. Everyone told Heidi that Spencer sucked, but she didn't care because they have a contract.

Mexico. Heidi and Spencer arrive at a resort. Spencer complains about how hot it is, even though he's wearing a hoodie. They sit down in their bungalow or whatever, and Spencer gives her a little speech about how their relationship is always better when it's just the two of them without people who care about Heidi trying to get her to see what a douche he is. Spencer promises even more surprises ahead. What ever could he mean? I can't even imagine. This show is kind of ruined by the tabloids. And the episode title, which is "Mr. and Mrs. Pratt."

People's Revolution. Whitney gets a call from Alixe and mouths to Lauren that she got the DVF job. They squeal and go "dude" and whatnot. Lauren thinks that Whitney will have the perfect job and the perfect boyfriend. Whitney insists that she's going for the job, and she'll just see how the boy thing works out. She also thinks her parents are going to freak out about her moving so far away. They decide to celebrate.

Back in Mexico, Heidi is walking around in a bikini and heels, like who does that? God, I can't believe how much these two are going to be in this episode and how much I don't care about them. Anyway, she delivers champagne to Spencer. Ugh, they are so gross and they clearly don't like each other and have no real emotions. Heidi says she's really stressed out because her family has been on her back, and they both agree to work on not letting her family affect them. I'm going to work on pretending Heidi and Spencer don't exist.

Stephanie comes over to Audrina's house. JB is there, and it's morning, so obviously he stayed over. Blech. Stephanie says that she and Heidi were supposed to go shopping and Heidi didn't show up. Also, Heidi talks to Spencer's mom every day and Spencer's mom doesn't know where they are either. Stephanie is really fake-concerned about it. JB wakes up and blurts out, "You should put up some signs." Okay, that was kind of funny. I guess he can stick around for a few more episodes. But he needs to take on the role Lo used to have, where he just sits nearby and offers up funny comments from time to time. No relationship drama.

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