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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Previously: Spencer encouraged Heidi to get a promotion, but then he acted sour when she had to skip their anniversary to work. Lauren and Whitney planned an important party for Teen Vogue. Jason got engaged, and Lauren wasn't sure where things stood with Brody.

Lauren and Brody go out to dinner. Lauren complains about her lack of dates. Brody advises Lauren that she needs to look for a guy who's not Mr. Perfect, but he knows she wants a bit of a bad boy. Brody got a haircut, and while normally, I'm a fan of shorter hair on guys, it's not working for me. As they peruse the menus, Lauren says that nothing's catching her eye, and Brody waggles his eyebrows at her. Oh, Brody. Mr. Big perfected the eyebrow waggle years ago, and you are no Chris Noth. For so many reasons.

Bolthouse. I always read that as Bol-thouse, like you pronounce the "th" sound. Anyway, Brent lays out the plan for an upcoming event. Some dude named Rob is in charge. Heidi will be working, and Brent wants her to be in charge of the new events coordinator, Kim. Is that Elodie's old job? I don't know who's sitting next to Heidi in the meeting, but OMG cankles! I don't think a skirt and flats were the way to go for that chick, whom we will probably never see again. After the meeting, Heidi introduces herself to Kim, who explains that everyone says she's the new Elodie, but she doesn't know what that means. Heidi asks if it's been "a world wind," and I would have paid like fifty bucks for Kim to burst out laughing and say, "You mean a whirlwind?" But Kim apparently values her job, and likes the fast pace, because she's from New York. Heidi offers up her expertise if it's needed. You know, I was looking at a picture of Heidi's old nose versus her new nose, and I think I figured out another reason why she looks so weird now. She has a really big chin, and her bigger nose balanced it out. Now that her nose is smaller, her chin looks bigger in comparison. She should have stuck with the old nose.

Smashbox Studios. Whitney takes Polaroids of models auditioning for the Young Hollywood issue. Lauren hands out applications. One male model reminds her that they did a photo shoot together, and Lauren remembers that she was trying to set him up with Heidi. Whitney comes in, and Lauren explains that sitch, adding that Heidi was starting to date Spencer at the time, so Lauren was like, "Date anyone else!" Well, that's flattering for the model. He's good-natured about it, though. Whitney laughs about how different things would be if Heidi had dated this guy, Gavin, instead of Spencer. Lauren tells Gavin what clothes to wear and peeks in the other room as Whitney takes his picture. He comes out and tells Lauren he definitely booked it. Whitney comes out and wants to start discussing Gavin, not knowing that he's like ten feet away, changing out of the clothes. Lauren motions to her to indicate his presence, and they both get the giggles. Whitney sashays out, and Gavin asks Lauren out on a date. She gives him her number. Whitney walks in, and Lauren's like, "Don't." Those two have so much more fun than Lauren and Heidi ever did.

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