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NASCAR Event. Heidi checks in with Kim, who seems to have everything under control. Spencer calls and gives Heidi shit about their anniversary dinner again, and hangs up on her. Kim pretends to care, but clearly could not care less. Also, why is Heidi bitching to people she manages about her boyfriend? Unprofessional! I wish they would put a camera in the Bolthouse bathrooms, because you know all the female employees go in there and rip on Heidi.

BBQ. Brody and Lo discuss Gavin. Brody complains that Gavin seems too perfect, and Lo asks if Brody still likes Lauren or something. Lauren and Gavin hang out. Brody is now telling everyone his feelings about Gavin. Gavin thinks Lauren's friends are really nice, and Lauren is busy checking out Brody to see how he's reacting to her new beau. This Gavin dude seems boring. I don't think she should date Brody, but I don't get the Gavin attraction either.

Spencer rolls up to Bolthouse and asks for Heidi. The receptionist is like, "And you are?" which was awesome. High-five, receptionist. Heidi comes out, and Spencer says he's stealing her for lunch. Heidi says she can't go, because she's in a meeting. Spencer starts pouting. Heidi tries to make dinner plans, but Spencer keeps crabbing about how he hopes Heidi can fit him into her busy calendar. Heidi reminds him that she took this job for their future, and he encouraged her to go for this promotion. She heads back to her meeting. You know what kind of bullshit this is? Imagine if the genders were reversed, and some woman was bitching that her man, who was the sole financial support of their family, was working too hard. That would not fly. And if Spencer had ever had a real job in his life, and not some bullshit producer title that Brody's stepfather bestowed upon him, he would know that.

Hillside Villas. Lauren prepares for her date with Gavin. Audrina thinks Gavin is nice, but not Lauren's type. Lauren says that Brody agrees.

Lauren and Gavin arrive at dinner and order their food. Lauren is worried that the BBQ was weird, and Gavin says that everyone was really nice to him. Lauren pretends that she likes the salmon roll, but she clearly hates it. Gavin wants to hear about her recent dates, and Lauren says she's picked guys lately who seemed normal but turned out crazy. Gavin wonders if that describes him, and Lauren's sure it doesn't.

Hillside Villas. Lauren returns home. She plops on the couch and calls Brody, who teases her that she's home early for a date night. Lauren complains that there were no sparks. Brody says he thought Gavin was boring. Lauren wanted to try it out, but it didn't work. Brody invites himself over and asks what movie they're going to watch. Lauren asks if it really matters. Hey! They're totally having sex. I didn't think they were before, but now I do.

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