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Rolling With The Enemy

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Rolling With The Enemy

Lauren and Audrina's apartment. They rehash how Justin-Bobby left Audrina at the party. Audrina says she left her helmet at the party, and she might need it, meaning that she might get back together with Justin-Bobby. Lauren can't even get mad, because she's just exhausted with the whole thing. Lauren reveals that Brody and Spencer are "drifting," and she cackles, "My, how the tables have turned." I kind of like Evil Lauren. She needs a mustache to twirl. She should also start wearing a top hat. And spats.

Bolthouse Offices. Brent enters the room and asks Heidi if Lauren and Brody are dating again, because he saw them together. Heidi says she doesn't think they're dating, because she thought they hated each other. Since when is Brent so involved in gossip about Heidi's life? Doesn't he have more important things to do? I could see him secretly watching this show and keeping a spreadsheet of all the times he or his company is mentioned or appears on screen. And also buying all the tabloids and making his assistant use special scissors to cut out all the articles that mention him and put them in a scrapbook. The meeting begins, and Brent explains that they're doing a party for a soccer team.

Audrina hangs out with Chiara, her co-worker. Audrina talks about Brody's BBQ and how Justin-Bobby blew her off, and how she cried over him when she usually doesn't cry over guys. She doesn't mention that she was drunk as a skunk, even though I think that's relevant. Audrina likens her relationship with Justin-Bobby to a "roller-coaster ride," and the friend says that roller coasters are fun. They're fun, but if you ride one more than, like, three times in a row, you might puke. I may have just taken that analogy a little too far.

Heidi and Spencer's Apartment. EW! Spencer grew a beard! He looks like a blond Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It makes his face look even puffier. Heidi tosses out Brent's Lauren/Brody revelation, and Spencer acts like it's no big thing, but he's clearly bothered.

Les Deux Nightclub. Lauren, Audrina, and Ryan discuss how some chicks were making out in the bathroom. Later, Brody and Frankie hang out with Lauren. Brody wants to hang out at Roosevelt Pool the next day, but Lauren says that Brody's condo is more fun. There seems to be some sort of subtext going on here, like maybe the cameras aren't allowed in Brody's condo, so that's where they go to do drugs and have sex off camera? They decide to take off, but first, Lauren asks if Spencer will be at the condo. Brody says that Spencer never goes out, and Lauren and Brody can do what they want anyway. Yeah, F Spencer.

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