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Second Chances

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Second Chances

Lauren shows up to the work closet (is it weird that they work in a closet?) and says quietly that Jason called her last night from rehab. Whitney is shocked, but knows that the producers would want her to press for details. Lauren admits that Jason wants to get together, and she feels like every time things are going well in her life, Jason shows up. She jokes that he must have a pager. Or he's signed up to Google Alerts. Or he reads Oh No They Didn't for his celebrity gossip news like the rest of us.

Audrina and Lauren work out with a personal trainer named Jarett. Really? Not Jared? Okay. Lauren's phone rings but, to her credit, she doesn't answer. Lauren asks her trainer about boot camp, and says that she heard about it from some dude named Derek. Turns out that Derek is her trainer's friend, and they decide to all go out together and do some shots. Lauren says what's on my mind and asks if trainers are supposed to do shots, and her trainer says he can do them once a week. Okay, then. As long as he's got a rule about it.

Over post-workout smoothies, Lauren says that it was Jason who called earlier. Audrina admits that Justin-Bobby has been calling her, but she hasn't answered his calls yet. Lauren wonders how bad boys always know just when to call. I'll tell you, Lauren: they call when you are no longer pursuing them or showing any interest, because they don't want you, but they don't want anyone else to have you. And you return the calls because you think you can fix them. It's the oldest story in the book. Well, not the oldest. I don't think Adam was texting Eve all, "I miss u :(" or anything. Audrina smiles that they should go out and have fun and forget their exes.

Bolthouse Offices. Heidi enters with her hand in her pocket like she's on the runway or something. Elodie immediately informs Heidi about the new job opening that Brent created as an event director, which comes with its own office and more client interaction. Elodie says she's going to apply for it, and Heidi encourages her. Heidi is surprised to hear that Elodie has only worked there for two years and says, "So you started right before I did?" Elodie corrects her, "A year before." So Elodie has worked there twice as long. Heidi keeps admiring the new person's office, clearly getting ideas.

Heidi and Spencer's apartment. Spencer is busy doing nothing, as usual. ["Umm, Kim, I believe he was staring blankly at his laptop, hello." -- Miss Alli] Heidi tells him about the new position, and Spencer encourages her to step over Elodie to get it. Look, I don't think Heidi owes Elodie anything, and if she wants to go for the job, she should. But I also think that if Heidi gets the job, it will only be because Brent knows good publicity when he sees it.

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