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Second Chances

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Second Chances

Heidi and Spencer's apartment. Spencer is busy doing nothing, as usual. ["Umm, Kim, I believe he was staring blankly at his laptop, hello." -- Miss Alli] Heidi tells him about the new position, and Spencer encourages her to step over Elodie to get it. Look, I don't think Heidi owes Elodie anything, and if she wants to go for the job, she should. But I also think that if Heidi gets the job, it will only be because Brent knows good publicity when he sees it.

Jarett and Derek wait for Lauren and Audrina at the restaurant. Jarett is with Audrina and Derek is with Lauren. Derek is from Jersey, which he talks about, and then he gets into how he buys his T-shirts for forty cents, and now they are considered vintage, so they are selling for sixty bucks. Lauren can't handle a dude who doesn't appreciate fashion, and she clearly checks out of the date right there.

Later, Derek has had a few drinks, and he starts telling Lauren that he can't stop thinking about her, and then jokes about how he might be a psychotic murderer (RED FLAG!). Lauren thinks he has baggage, but Derek denies it. Lauren admits that she has boyfriend issues galore, and Derek puts his foot in his mouth by saying that's her problem. He's right, but he could have been more tactful on a first date. Audrina runs by and invites Lauren to pee with her (universal girl language for "I need to talk to you in private"). Once the girls are gone, Derek tells Jarett how he loves Lauren. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Audrina that she hates Derek and wants to stab herself in the eye. Oh, girl. I've been there. Lauren returns and tries to figure out what excuse to give to get out of the date early without being rude, because one person you don't want mad at you? Your personal trainer.

Lauren waltzes into work. She allegedly just came from school. She still goes to school? When? Anyway, Whitney doesn't want to tell Lauren what to do, even though Whitney is now the boss, but Lauren is totally open to being given tasks by her friend, which is cool. While she works, Lauren talks about her date and how Derek came on way too strong and only talked about himself. Whitney hates when guys are desperate. Lauren realizes that, since she broke up with Jason, she's never had a second date with anyone, and she wants to break the curse. Whitney basically tells her, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs, et cetera."

Bolthouse. Brent is the worst actor ever as he stiltedly (and possibly in voiceover) asks Heidi to come into his office so they can talk. Heidi and her Burberry plaid shirt ask about the new job. Brent doesn't give out much info. Heidi says she's really interested and she knows she'd be great. Brent is still noncommittal.

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