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Second Chances

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Second Chances

Audrina and Lauren cook dinner. Lo (!) shows up! Yay, Lo! Lauren picks up the phone. Lo asks if it's her father, and Lauren mouths, "Jason!" Lo yells, "No way!" Lauren is kind of short with Jason on the phone and then hangs up and tells the girls that she doesn't want to see him. The girls sit down to eat. Audrina pulls out one of those Love & Sex question books. OH MY GOD! They totally had one of those on the first (I think) season of The Real World, and it was totally planted in the house to start conversations about sex. Oh, MTV. Those young people may not recognize your old tricks, but I do. ["Seriously. Whom can we get to throw a candlestick?" -- Miss Alli] Audrina asks a question about how many times Lauren has fallen in love, and Lauren says it was once, with Jason. Everyone just sits there and looks thoughtful.

Lauren and Audrina lay out next to the pool in their complex. Lauren says that Derek left her a voicemail, but she hasn't listened to it. Audrina jokes that it's probably a marriage proposal. Lauren listens to it, giggles, and reports that he wants to get together for drinks. Lauren worries that her standards are too high. If Jason met her standards, they were not too high. He was a Grade-A douchebag. Audrina admits that she talked to Justin-Bobby, and he apologized, which he never does. RED FLAG! Lauren thinks Audrina wants the good Justin-Bobby, but he's not always that person. So deep! While wearing a bikini, even!

Heidi shows up for work and heads into her new office. NO! SERIOUSLY! I can't believe she got that job. Elodie peeks in and congratulates Heidi, but she's clearly upset. Heidi half-assedly apologizes, and Elodie pretends she's happy for her. Elodie snarks, "As long as you appreciate it as much as I would have." SNAP! Elodie! I wish she would start hanging out with Lo. I wish we had more information on how Heidi got this job. Unless it's what I said before about Brent wanting more publicity for his firm. Poor Elodie. Heidi stares at her monitor, like she's doing anything but playing solitaire.

Audrina hangs out at the beach with Justin-Bobby and his motorcycle. They don helmets and hop on the bike. Audrina's butt crack is totally showing as they drive off down the highway.

Lauren puts on her giant sunglasses that I TOTALLY WANT and drives to a coffee house. She sits at an outdoor table alone, until Jason walks up. Because I think he lost his license, y'all. So he has to talk. Jason actually looks pretty good. His hair is much shorter, and the facial hair is gone. And he's actually speaking beyond monosyllabic grunts. Jason brings up their breakup, and how they haven't talked since. Jason admits that he was out of control, but that it's good to see Lauren. Jason looks good, but he also looks a lot older. I think he's put on weight, which would make sense if he was doing coke and recently stopped.

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