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Previously, Heidi's sister Holly moved in with Heidi and Spencer, and Spencer acted all bitchy. In Vegas, Brody called Stephanie on her lunacy and Stephanie cried. Things were tense between Lauren and Audrina. And then Brody and Doug went to jail.

Lauren, Lo, and Stephanie are trying to figure out where Brody and Doug are. Wait, so they texted Frankie and just said, "We're in jail," but didn't tell him where? Do the police know they have the FROZEN BURRITO HEIR in their custody? Lo has a list of all the municipalities or whatever. Stephanie is not really helping at all, but then again, why would she? Except she probably has the most experience with jail. Lauren suggests calling "the bail bond store" and asking them for a list of jails. Stephanie totally misses the point and says that there are tons of bail bond stores in the area, like that wasn't what she said, and if you'd stop checking for next texts every two seconds, you'd know that. Lo says, "I don't know if it's called a bail bond... store," which cracked me up. Frankie comes in with Brody and Doug, who are laughing their asses off. Doug says that they were walking through the casino, going back to their rooms, and some dudes got all aggro with them and punched Doug in the chest. So they've been in casino jail all this time, filing police reports. Lauren can't believe that they stayed down there for five hours just to press charges over this one incident, but Brody insists it was worth it. Doug and Brody also think it's hilarious that the girls were calling all over. Oh, I would be pissed. Although, did anyone try to call or text the boys? Because, presumably, if they were just in casino jail, they had their phones. I'm just saying. As the boys leave, Lauren spits, "Idiots." So true.

The group leaves the casino to head to the private plane. Someone asks where Audrina is, and we cut to Audrina and JB leaving. JB notes that next time, they should just come to Vegas by themselves. Everyone ends up meeting out by the taxi stand outside, and Audrina walks up and tells Lauren that they need to talk, although she knows it can't happen now. Lauren says that she'll see Audrina at home, and they all leave.

At Heidi and Spencer's place, Holly is giving herself a pedicure. Spencer walks in and makes a crack about how she's in his office, but then proceeds to put down the idea that she could look for a job and apartment from the couch. And yet, he claims to run his business from there. I guess when your business is calling the tabloids and planting fake stories, or tipping off the paparazzi as to where you and your ugly girlfriend will be striking fake poses later, the couch works as well as a desk. Spencer says that he talked to Heidi earlier and she loves having Holly there, but she won't ever tell Holly to leave. Holly is surprised to hear that Heidi wants her to leave, and Spencer says that they both want her to leave. Holly pouts for a second like a puppy and then says that she's leaving right now. She should go look for a job as Joe Francis's assistant. I don't know. I just randomly thought of that.

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