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Running Mascara

It's time for the big event at Area! Whitney and Lauren are backstage steaming clothes. Whitney is worried about the work and Lauren claims that she feels sick with anxiety over the whole Audrina thing. Maybe set aside your stupid non-problems and focus on the work there, Lauren? Whitney's too nice to say it, so I will. Also, just talk to Audrina. Jesus. Anyway, the musical artist is having problems with her zipper and it almost becomes a crisis of major proportions but then Lauren saves the day and fixes it. As the artist performs, Lauren watches but she doesn't look all that happy.

Heidi and Spencer's apartment. Holly comes in and Heidi asks where she was. Holly says she didn't know what else to do, and Heidi can't believe that she believed what Spencer said. Yeah, how dare Holly think that Spencer might tell the truth! Or not be an asshole! I can't believe Heidi is actually getting mad over this, like it's Holly's fault. Heidi sort of apologizes, but not really. Holly asks if there's any truth to what Spencer said. Heidi says it's been hard on her relationship, but she wants Holly to stay as long as she needs to. They hug. I wish they had shown Spencer lurking in the background, all evil and annoying.

Audrina goes to the main house and, surprisingly, she doesn't get electrocuted or whatever you'd think would happen based on how she's avoided the main house. Lauren agrees to talk. Audrina's not sure how things got to this point. Lauren feels like she's trying really hard and Audrina's not, and she can't stand that her two best friends haven't been getting along. Audrina feels like Lauren's been pulling an attitude. Lauren lists off a bunch of times recently that she's tried to include Audrina in the social activities and Audrina has blown her off, and never reciprocated. Audrina claims that Lauren doesn't like to do the stuff she does, like going to shows, and Lauren claims that she goes for Audrina's benefit and ends up "awkwardly bobbing [her] head." That was an awesome line. I can totally picture Lauren at one of Audrina's dirty clubs, watching a rock show, awkwardly bobbing her head and then texting someone about it. Lauren starts crying and says that she's lost another friend, and she's tired of trying to force things. Audrina is frustrated but says nothing. Glad she initiated this conversation when she has nothing to say. Audrina thinks that they need to make a fresh start and stop dwelling on the past. Lauren says that's all she wants too, as her mascara runs down her face. Audrina agrees to do it and they hug. Lauren apologizes, and Audrina doesn't. Yeah, Audrina still doesn't get her part in this at all. And if they want to be friends, they need to find things to do, just the two of them, and then just be okay that the rest of the time, they each go their own way. Which is kind of weird when you live so close to each other, I guess. Anyway.

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