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Speidi's Wedding Unveiled

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The kids start to speculate about where Speidi will be in five years. And my head just exploded. Too many jokes! Holly says she imagines they'll be starting a family. Brody picks up to say their kids will be blonde and knocks on Spencer's fleshbeard. Spencer plans to adopt a mini-Pratt because he's "not sure if the planet is ready for [their] spawn yet."

And where will they be in 10 years, you ask? (Okay, no, you didn't but just play along, it's almost over...) Audrina speculates they'll be back in therapy, while Lo puts a gypsy hex on us all, prophesying that they'll have the longest-ever continuously running reality TV show. In 20 years, Audrina thinks they'll be renewing their vows. ShePratt, because she is a rider of coattails, demonstrates some serious wishful thinking when she says that "They'll always be in the limelight. They're 15 minutes of fame will never end. God bless their hearts." And God bless ours. We're gonna need it.

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