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Heidi Montag came to public notoriety via MTV's Laguna Beach and the follow-up series The Hills because she was best friends with the show's protagonist, Lauren Conrad. What followed was one of the most famous falling-outs of reality show history, complete with sex-tape scandal, Us Weekly tell-alls, and the rise of Heidi as super-villain to Lauren's innocent victim. Heidi has become a regular denizen of the celebrity blog circuit and an ersatz darling of the gossip rags. She and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt are followed and mocked all over Los Angeles by fans and paparazzi alike. But that didn't stop Heidi from signing up for another season of The Hills, or from following her dream of being a recording star. After months in the studio and leaks of earlier tracks, this week Heidi's single "Higher" was released on iTunes, and her video (directed by Pratt) was released on Yahoo Music. She was nice enough to sit down and talk with TWoP's Lulu Bates about it all. Heidi Montag: Hello! Lulu Bates: Hi, Heidi. How are you? HM: Great. LB: I wanted to talk to you about your album HM: Oh yeah. Let's talk. LB: So tell me about your album. Are you doing a full album? Or just singles? HM: We haven't really decided just exactly how we are going to release it yet. I'm doing it all with Theron [Feemster] and we're doing it online and so it's getting released over iTunes. So we're going there first. But we're still in the studio and still working a lot and trying to figure out exactly how we're going to do it or what exactly we're going to do. My whole album is not complete yet so I'm just going to...I'm still recording the songs. LB: So the whole album is not complete yet? HM: Yeah. LB: Were you really annoyed when that single got leaked, then? HM: Um, actually that's not even a single that was going to be on this album. LB: Oh, that's good. HM: Yeah, that's a single I was working on for a different album [with David Foster at Warner Bros.] and that was going to be a track on that release, so I was sort of bummed when that got leaked, but there was nothing I could do about it. So I just moved on. I'm working with a different producer now. He actually didn't do that piece so it won't be on my album. LB: Oh, it was a different producer? HM: Yeah. LB: Are you going to tour or perform in support of the iTunes releases?

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