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"Marilyn Monroe Is Not One Of My Heroes"
HM: Um, I'm not sure about a tour, but yeah, I think I want to perform in several places. 'Cause "Higher" is coming out, but I also have some other songs coming out. And I'm doing those also. So yeah, I want to perform. LB: Like concerts? HM: Yeah I think so. LB: Who do you consider your musical influences? HM: I have a bunch of people I consider musical influences. I would say The Eagles are one. Elvis Presley, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears... LB: Britney Spears? HM: Um, not so much now, but before. LB: Poor girl. HM: Yeah, I know. Gloria Estefan. I love her. Just a bunch of people. I feel that music is influenced by everyone, actually. LB: By everyone? HM: Yeah. I'm influenced by everyone. LB: Do you consider yourself more of a musician or an actress? HM: I would definitely consider myself a singer. LB: Have you had training before? Or lessons? HM: I have. I used to take voice lessons when I was younger. I have always been in musicals. I've been in dance performances. I've been training for this since a young age. LB: So music is your passion? HM: Definitely. It is truly my passion. LB: I know The Hills is moving into a fourth season and you'll be pretty busy, but do you think you'll keep up with your singing after The Hills is over? HM: What do you mean? LB: Do you see yourself singing for the rest of your life? HM: Yeah, definitely. This is definitely the career that I want to go down and dedicate myself to. Like right now every day I live and breathe this stuff. Every day I am in the studio. Every day. And if I'm not there I'm in the dance studio. And it is really my passion and really what I am dedicating my life to. LB: When Season Four airs, are we going to be seeing a lot of that side of you? In the studio and the dance studio? HM: I don't know; we haven't filmed Season Four yet, so you never know. You never know until it airs anyway. You never know. LB: I saw on your MySpace page that Marilyn Monroe is one of your heroes. Can you tell me why? HM: Marilyn Monroe is? LB: Yes. HM: On my MySpace page? LB: Yeah. HM: Are you sure it's my MySpace page? LB: I think so. HM: Maybe it's the fake one. LB: Oh, there's a fake one?

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