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The Heidi Montag Interview

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"Marilyn Monroe Is Not One Of My Heroes"
LB: Oh, sure. Is there any last thing you want to talk about? HM: Well, yeah, I have my single coming out on iTunes on February fifth and I am really excited. And the music video is being released with it. Spencer produced and directed it. And so we kind of did it together. And I was like, "Oh, well, I'll do this now," and it was really fun. We were on the beach and stuff and I am really excited for that to come out. LB: Do you like working with your boyfriend in that capacity? HM: Yeah. I mean, it's so easy. And I know he has my back. And I know he is the only person who will be really honest with me and always be supportive. It's like having my rock there. My support, you know? It's really easy to work with him. LB: And what should we expect in Season Four of The Hills? HM: I don't know, we haven't even started filming yet. LB: So it could be anything? HM: Definitely anything. LB: Okay, well, thank you for talking with me! HM: Have a great day. LB: You too.

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