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Previously, Whitney and Lauren went to Paris, quit their jobs, and then both got hired by Kelly Crow-trone. Heidi asked Spencer to move out of their apartment and then got pissed when he thought that meant they were breaking up. Heidi got on a plane with some sleazy-looking guys to go to Vegas, which seemed like a bad idea. Audrina felt like the odd woman out when Lo moved in with her and Lauren in their new house, mostly because Lo was totally trying to drive a wedge.

Audrina and JB got and look at a new place for her. Audrina is worried that she might be too far away from her friends. JB points out that she never wants to hang out where she lives now, because she's not comfortable there. Seriously, what happened to JB? Why is he making sense? At least he's wearing his sunglasses under his chin, which I hate, so I can still hate him even if he is making a lot of sense. The place they're looking at is this huge loft, and they've never really gone into Audrina's family situation. I know Lauren comes from money because I've seen her parents' house on Laguna, but how in the hell would Audrina afford this gigantic apartment, in Los Angeles of all places, on her own? Ours is not to question why, apparently. JB keeps peppering her with questions about whether or not she's talked to Lauren and if she could see herself living there and Audrina just stares blankly out the window, probably thinking, "Is that a bug?" Because Audrina, she's not too bright.

Spencer is still hanging out in Heidi's empty apartment. I'm surprised he hasn't painted a new mural yet. I guess the hardware store was out of spray paint. Stephanie shows up and tells Spencer he's acting crazy, and Spencer claims that Heidi never came home, and he doesn't know where she is, and he's losing his mind. Oh, for crying out loud. She has a cell phone. For all he knows, she went to visit family or something. Spare me the drama, Spencer. Stephanie recognizes an opening and, after making Spencer promise that he won't do anything crazy (like call the paparazzi to photograph him giving Heidi's mom a giant floral bouquet? Or convincing Heidi that she could have a singing career? Or convincing Heidi that she could start a fashion line? How I would love to see the sales figures for Heidiwood. Some reporter get on that, please.), spills that Heidi went to Vegas and might even more there. Spencer immediately says that he's going to Vegas and he wants Stephanie to come with him.

Vegas. Heidi and Brent walk around with the money guys and go over the design for the casino. Brent tells her to research some clubs in Europe, since that's the design aesthetic they're going for. I can only imagine how awesome Heidi's research skills are. I'm sure they start and end with Google Image Search, and she'll cut and paste some shitty low-res photos into a Word document and be done with it.

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