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They Meet Again

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They Meet Again

Audrina returns home from...somewhere. Allegedly, she just got back from a trip with Justin-Bobby, but really, she probably just got back from a trip to the bathroom. Anyway, Lauren wants the deets on JB, and Audrina is like, "We're totally together. We really needed a vacation together!" I'm sorry, but no barely-legal-drinking-age person who lives in L.A. and is marginally employed at best is in that much need of a vacation. Her life is a vacation! They go out, like, every night as it is. Anyway, Lauren is kind of grossed out that Audrina and JB are a couple again, but she doesn't harp on it. She does report that she had coffee with Jason. Audrina asks if anything happened, like...does she think they totally did it in the coffee-shop bathroom or something? While Jason was on a day pass from rehab? Now that I think about it, this show would be a lot more interesting if they did. Notice how they barely mentioned that Jason was in rehab. I guess it would mean admitting that all those times Jason was wasted in the past few seasons, we were supposed to think he was just being weird. Like that fashion show on Laguna Beach? Remember that? What the hell was he on? When he made out with Jessica and tried to deny it? Good times.

Heidi and Spencer continue to audition for the reality sitcom that no one is interested in producing, making, or watching. Heidi walks in, and they joke around about Spencer putting the toilet seat down, because Spencer just watched an episode of some terrible sitcom on the CW that used that joke. Jesus, even Everybody Loves Raymond was less hacky. So their "storyline" this week involves Heidi the Working Girl (not that way, although don't think Spencer wouldn't turn her out if he thought it would get more tabloid mentions) and how Heidi works SO HARD and has SO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY and they are SO IN LOVE and are you convinced yet? Enough to watch their inevitable spinoff?

Teen Vogue. Yay! Lisa Love, West Coast Editor! Love her. She convenes a staff meeting, attended by Miss Whitney, to discuss the Young Hollywood party, which will showcase Marc Jacobs designs and be a big, big deal. Whitney needs to location-scout. I'm so proud of Whitney and her big-girl job.

Bolthouse. Speaking of jobs, Heidi finally walks into hers, and everyone else is already there, so I'm guessing she wasn't super-early. If she got fired, this would be the best season ever. Anyway, her assistant walks in with messages, and Heidi is basically like, "Don't bother me unless Spencer or Jen or Brent calls. Everything else is screened." Which is totally her right to do, but for someone who works in event planning and publicity, whose whole industry is based around schmoozing, she might want to try being a little more available. Elodie eavesdrops on the whole conversation.

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